The Search Story - Client

One of your staff tendered her resignation. You hired a supposed reputable executive search firm for the replacement. Within a few days, you are presented with over a dozen candidates. Some are well qualified, perhaps over qualified and some are clearly not suitable for the position you have in mind. The recruiter calls you a few times a day to try to persuade you to meet up one of the candidate whom you know is clearly not suitable.

At Plus Partners, understanding the Job Description is not good enough. We listen to you, and understand the precise requirements and expectations of the position. We also pay attention to the cultural compatibility of the candidates and strive to match not only the job requirements, but also the personality type that fits your corporate culture and team dynamics.

Our highly qualified team believe in consultative and exemplary partnership with our clients to make a positive impact time and again through the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. Our knowledge of the industry and its key players enables us to target the talents you need effectively.

We believe in an integrated approach. Plus Partners also offers other supplementary services such as developing market intelligence and mapping, compensation studies, organisational analysis and market scanning.


The Search Story - Candidate

You received a call from a recruiter coming from an executive search firm. You agree to meet up and handed your resume over to the recruiter. All was fine; however the interview did not go through and you never hear from them again. After a year, you found out from a friend in the HR profession that your resume has been submitted to him, without your permission. It was then that you realise that your resume has been circulated around the market.

At Plus Partners, we treat our candidates with utmost respect and professionalism. Understanding their industry and what they do are the basics. We also make note of their life goals and career motivations. We want our candidates to do well in their new career, and continue to develop our friendship. An all-win situation for our clients, candidates and us is beneficial, as the happy candidate today, is our client tomorrow.

We recognize that every candidate has unique qualities and needs; our consultants take the time to listen to their values, goals, and aspirations and find the best fit for them.

We don't just get you a job, we advise you to plan and position your career!